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  • 10 Apr 2014
    Career Development Centre launched in Rezina

    The second SYSLAB Career Development Centre was launched today in the town of Rezina in Moldova which is going to train and help unemployed people, emigrants returned home and graduates of different educational institutions to get a job in the country.

  • 08 Apr 2014
    First online game in Moldova to bring your community 10 000 lei

    The first-ever online game “Youth@Work” - -which gives every young person the possibility to get actively involved in the development of his or her community was launched in the Republic of Moldova.

  • 08 Apr 2014
    Moldova pledges to promote green economy and sustainable development

    Moldova’s Green development High level event was organized today by the Government of the Republic of Moldova, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme and the Government of Denmark, and aims to start a national discussion on Moldova’s green development efforts in the context of the National Development Strategy Moldova-2020,relevant provisions of the Association Agreement with the European Union, as well as UN discussions on the new post-MDG development agenda, to which Moldova is actively participating.

  • 07 Apr 2014
    3480 children from both banks of the Nistru River benefited from psycho-social activities

    In one year, 39 teachers and 3480 children from 20 local communities of both banks of the Nistru River benefited from a variety of activities that led to the improvement of the development of children from rural areas and the prevention of abuse, neglect and exploitation of children, by means of the “Building a common approach to children” project. Its success was possible thanks to the financial assistance of the Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme funded by the European Union, co-funded and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme.

  • 28 Mar 2014
    Creating business opportunities for young people from the Security Zone

    10 young people from settlements in the Security Zone will benefit from grants of up to 15 thousand US dollars, individual consulting for a period of 10 months and assistance for the purchase of equipment and raw materials needed to start up or develop businesses. This is possible due to a project implemented by AXA Management Consulting, with the financial assistance of the European Union and the UNDP within the “Supporting Confidence Building Measures” Programme.

  • 20 Mar 2014
    People in Hagimus, Talmaza and Cioburciu villages have now access to safe water

    On the eve of the World Water Day, more than 700 families and several social institutions from the south of Moldova have been connected to drinking water. Water supply systems built with the financial support of the European Union and UNDP “Support to Confidence Building Measures” Programme were launched today in Hagimus, Talmaza and Cioburciu villages.

  • 21 Feb 2014
    Let’s go to the countryside! Together we can increase the tourist potential of villages on both banks of the Nistru River

    Villages on both banks become more attractive to locals and tourists. After a 20-year break, an energy-saving system of street illumination with a length of 14 km was officially launched today in Ustia with the support of the EU-UNDP Programme financial assistance.

  • 11 Dec 2013
    Building trust and friendship between youth on both banks through dance

    Young dancers from both banks of the Nistru River brought the dance fairy on the stage of "Serghei Lunchevici" National Philharmonic in Chisinau. Students from the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts in Chisinau, together with students of "S.Rachmaninov" arts school in Tiraspol, supported by artists from "Bravissima" theatre and the oriental dance troupe "Tadja" enchanted those over one thousand spectators gathered in the Philharmonic Concert Hall, making them dance in the rhythm of their dance.

  • 24 Nov 2013
    Moldovan mayors have committed to fighting violence against women and girls

    Mayors from various communities of the Republic of Moldova have joined the UN’s global COMMIT initiative by getting together in a flash mob through which they committed to undertake actions to fight violence against women and girls in their communities.

  • 08 Nov 2013
    Musicians build cultural bridges over the Nistru River

    Young musicians from both sides of the Nistru River held together a classical music concert on November 8, at the “Serghei Lunchevici” National Philharmonic in Chisinau. These laureates of international contests, accompanied by the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, delighted the audience with new interpretations of Tchaikovsky’s most adored creations.

  • 04 Nov 2013
    Ribnita and Bender hospitals to be renovated with the EU and UNDP support

    The emergency medical care, registration department and the child intensive care units in Bender as well as Ribnita maternity hospital will be renovated and provided with the necessary equipment through the financial assistance of the „Support to Confidence Building Measures” Programme funded by the EU and co-funded and implemented by UNDP.

  • 21 Oct 2013
    UN week in Moldova promotes role of youth, prevention of violence against children and access to services for the most vulnerable

    The United Nations in the Republic of Moldova will mark the 68th anniversary of the Organization through a series of events in Chisinau and other localities of the country. Marked annually on October 24, the United Nations Day aims to promote the UN’s values and work around the world as well as the cooperation with the member-states.

  • 26 Sep 2013
    In Cocieri, promoting trust means a renovated high school for children from both banks of Nistru River

    Jana Gatcan from Vasilievca village wakes up every morning at 6 and walks 30 km to get to the high school from Cocieri. This year, due to the new roof the high school is more welcoming to her and other 330 children who come here from 8 communities from both banks of Nistru River. Jana knows who made it happen - a programme that helps people on both banks of Nistru River to live better together.

  • 25 Sep 2013
    Mayors support the new system of local public finance

    The new system of local finance will allow Moldovan communities to develop more dynamically and better address the needs of the people, said Moldovan mayors who attended the first training seminars on the new system of local budgets.

  • 20 Sep 2013
    An assistance service for vulnerable families was developed in the Transnistrian region

    Over 200 single parent families from the Transnistrian region have already benefited from free psycho-social, legal and medical assistance due to a partnership between two non-governmental organizations from both banks of the Nistru River. This partnership has become possible as a result of the assistance provided within the EU-UNDP "Support to Confidence Building Measures" Programme.

  • 04 Sep 2013
    Youth from both banks of Nistru turn collected waste into works of art

    More than 60 pupils, teachers, local authorities from both banks of the Nistru River joined their efforts to clean up the waste from an area along the Nistru River in a unique way, turning the trash piles into unusual toys and artworks. Thus, the organizers of the action, “Vitality” from Tiraspol and “Renasterea rurala” from Tohatin associations with the assistance of the EU-UNDP “Support to Confidence Building Measures” Programme, tried to draw the attention of people living on both sides of the Nistru to the precarious environmental situation of the river shores and call for more active actions to protect the environment.

  • 03 Sep 2013
    First professional foster family service launched in the Transnistrian region

    A suitable family for every child who has been deprived of parental care. This was the aim set by the nongovernmental organizations “Detstvo Detyam” from Tiraspol and „Partnerships for Every Child” from Chisinau with the help of the "Support to Confidence Building Measures" Programme (SCBM) by implementing for the first time a professional foster family's service in the Transnistrian region.

  • 16 Aug 2013
    Chess unites people from both banks of the Nistru River

    For the first time in Moldova, 20 schools from both banks of Nistru will have qualified teachers, teaching materials and the items required to study chess, starting with this autumn. This has become possible due to a project implemented with the assistance of the EU-UNDP Program “Support to Confidence Building Measures”. Today, teachers who attended the first qualification training courses in the field of chess held public chess classes that everybody could attend in the center of Chisinau.

  • 16 Jul 2013
    EU and UN officials in Moldova distributed first aid leaflet in the streets of Chisinau

    Dressed in reflective vests, Nicola Harrington-Buhay, UN Resident Coordinator, and Wicher Slagter, Head of Political and Economic Section of the EU Delegation to Moldova, accompanied by representatives of the emergency services and Automobile Club of Moldova, distributed today first aid leaflets to drivers at the crossroads of Dacia and Decebal boulevards, where most fatal traffic accidents happen in Chisinau.

  • 05 Jul 2013
    First inter-municipal agreement to provide sanitation services in six villages of Telenesti and Sangerei districts

    Seven mayors from Teleneşti and Sangerei changed, for one day, the mayor suit for a sanitation worker vest. The mayors of villages Inesti, Banesti, Verejeni, Mandresti and Ratus from the district of Teleneşti and the mayor of Prepelita village in Sangerei, together with the mayor of the city of Telenesti, signed an inter-municipal cooperation agreement that will allow the participating localities to jointly collect and dispose of their domestic waste.

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