Support to Justice Sector Reform

Project Summary

The project aims to support the implementation of the Justice Sector Reform Strategy for 2011-2016 through enhancing the capacities of the Ministry of Justice to develop, coordinate and carry out the justice sector reform. Ongoing support focuses on improving the quality of legal aid as well as the access of vulnerable young people to justice.  

Project Goals:

  • Enhance capacities of the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to develop, coordinate and implement justice sector reform;
  • Catalyze the implementation of justice sector reform;
  • Mobilize vulnerable youth around key social rights areas and the achievement of Millennium Development Goals;
  • Strengthen the capacity of the National Legal Aid System Guaranteed by the State and empower vulnerable youth to use this framework in order to seek remedies in the national justice system.


  • Justice Sector Reform Strategy 2011-2016 and Action Plan developed;
  • Working groups responsible for justice sector reform implementation benefit from expert guidance and inputs;
  • Coordination and monitoring mechanism (regulations, procedures) for Justice Sector Reform Strategy implementation developed;
  • Research paper on the opportunity to optimize the court displacement map in Moldova drafted;
  • Support provided to the implementation of key justice sector reform measures.


Donor 2011 2012 2013
UNDP US$ 47,275 US$ 133,176 US$ 196,824


2012 US$ 133,176
Total Budget:
US$ 377.275
Focus Area:
Democratic Governance
Project Manager:
Alexandru Cocirta,
National Legal Aid Council, Ministry of Justice, civil society