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Gender, Climate Change and Community Based Adaptation Guidebook

The Gender, Climate Change and Community Based Adaptation Guidebook presents a wealth of experiences and examples taken from the UNDP-GEF Community-Based Adaptation Programme that are being piloted throughout the world. The Guidebook will be useful for any community-based practitioners who wish tomore


Responding To Climate Change In Least Developed Countries

Least Developed Countries (LDCs) are some of the most vulnerable to climate change, as they are least able to recover from climate stresses and their economic growth is highly dependent on climate-sensitive sectors. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) works to align human developmentmore


Sustainable Development: Time For Action

The UN Conference on Sustainable Development – popularly referred to as Rio+20 – will be held on 20-22 June 2012 in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The agenda will focus on transition to green economy with an emphasis on poverty reduction, access to efficient and renewable energy for all, protection ofmore


UNDP And Civil Society Organizations: A Policy Note On Engagement

The policy note outlines UNDP's policy for engaging with civil society including reasons for collaboration. The note highlights the principles and commitments that together provide a coherent foundation for UNDP-CSO engagement. The note also suggests possible entry points for UNDP-CSOmore


UNDP And Civil Society: Fast Facts

The document outlines UNDP's objectives to maximize the potential of civic engagement for development, which include: investing in civil society and civic engagement; promoting citizen action for participatory democracy and development; and engaging with a range of non-state actors for an outwardmore


UNDP supports the national development and implementation of environmental management systems addressing desertification, biodiversity conservation, water management, pollution and climate change strengthened. UNDP Libya aims to support the national implementation on waste management, protected area management, and water management. In addition it aims to provide support to the development and mainstreaming of a national policy on climate change.