Democratic Governance


2008 Oslo Governance Centre Annual Report

During 2008, OGC continued to strengthen its work on ‘flagship’ activities like the Governance Indicators project, Communication for Empowerment as part of the broader agenda on Access to Information, and the Huritalk policy network. more


2010 Oslo Governance Centre Annual Report

Following our 2008 forward looking assessment and the 2009 transition to a new OGC mandate, 2010 has been a year of consolidation and innovation in the Oslo Governance Center. From our work in Governance Assessments, to our new series on lessons learned from the Democratic Governance Trust Fundmore


A Guide to Civil Society Organizations Working on Democratic Governance

This guide "A Guide to Civil Society Organizations Working on Democratic Governance" offers a snapshot of more than300 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)working on democratic governance at theglobal and regional levels. It providesinformation on CSOs across UNDP’s sevenpriority democraticmore


A Guide to UNDP Democratic Governance Practice

This Guide provides an easy-to-read overview of what UNDP does in the democratic governance practice area. It provides an overview of policies and strategies that guide UNDP's work on democratic governance; examples of our work on the ground and resources are also shared. more


A Human Rights-Based Approach To Development Programming In UNDP

There exists global consensus around the international development goals, the Millennium targets, as testified by the 160 plus world leaders who came together to endorse the United Nations Millennium Declaration in 2000. UNDP has placed these targets at the centre of its development strategy.more

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The Democratic Governance programme supports Libya as it builds its post-revolution democratic institutions and establishes sustainable, accountable and transparent governance and rule of law systems. UNDP Libya is committing significant human, technical and financial resources to improving the performance of government institutions and processes. Statebuilding is at the heart of UNDP’s commitment to Libya