Quotes from Lebanese and Syrian Beneficiaries


  • UNDP provides better income-generating activities for Syrian & Lebanese citizens

Al Marj Market, located in Bekaa Valley, has been there for decades. However, the costumers were suffering from the lack of hygiene because of the mud during rainy season. Also, absence of electricity and tents made the business run very slow

 “The renovation made by UNDP to this market encouraged people from all over the villages to visit it which increased our income. We are 15 members in this family and we all live out of this business” – Abed al Rehman Alsayed Issa – 26 year- old Syrian living in Lebanon since 2013.

“The changes made by UNDP have proven to be very useful. We used to sit on rocks and walk in mud during winter season but now the road is paved, so the market  is accessible and clean  and we thank UNDP for their effort” –Amira Bou Zeid, 38 years old, Lebanese. 

  • Towards a culture of tolerance and peace

UNDP trains teachers on peace building and conflict resolution skills.Amid violent clashes in Tripoli, North Lebanon that were taking place in parallel with the training, and the tensed security situation in the country, organizing a peace building training was a challenge for the UNDP Strengthening Civil Peace in Lebanon project, and attending it was an emerging need for the 70 teachers coming from Beqaa and North Lebanon.

  “I wanted to benefit the most from this training which I found extremely useful. It introduces us to conflict prevention tools and strategies and helps build a culture of peace” said Theodora. Despite the ongoing clashes and the erosive impact of the Syrian crisis on livelihoods, this training offered important information on how to deal with conflicts. “It empowered us to assume a peace building role in our schools and communities and provided us with necessary tools to apply key peace building concepts, “she explained.

  • Hygiene Kits for Healthier Environments in Palestinian Gatherings

“Simple items that can be life saving”

As part of a $300,000 WASH campaign,the distribution of these kits is one of many hygiene promotional activities that the UNDP and UNHABITAT joint-project is implementing, as part of a USD300,000 WASH campaign seeking to help restore the right of dwellers of Palestinian Gatherings to healthy environments.

“We need the items in this kit,” said women who had previously put their hygiene low on their list of priorities. For one woman: thought the women who were obliged not to consider some hygiene items as a priority because of their many other pressing living needs. “The flashlight inside the kit is so important, especially when there is often there’s no electricity, and the floor of our shelters areis muddy and rocky. ,” said a woman highlighting the practical solutions provided by the kit items. “And I love this bucket,” she adds said, referring to the package of the kit, “I will use it to collect and preserve water.”