Environment & Energy

  • Lebanese Centre for Water Conservation and Management (LCWCM)

    Although known as a water rich country, recent assessments of water availability compared to demand for domestic use, agriculture, industrial and environment have shown that Lebanon will soon be facing water shortages. Some studies show that Lebanon may face chronic and critical water shortages by 2020 unless the sector is reformed.

  • CEDRO III Country Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Demonstration Project for the Recovery of Lebanon

    The project aims at supporting the greening of Lebanon’s recovery, reconstruction and reform activities through the activation of end-use energy efficiency and renewable energy applications.

  • Safeguarding and Restoring Lebanon’s Woodland Resources

    The long-term goal of this GEF funding request is to complement the on-the ground investments undertaken through the National Reforestation Program through the creation of an enabling environment and by building capacity for sustainable land management as a contribution to greater ecosystem stability, enhanced food security and improved rural livelihoods.

  • Mainstreaming conservation of migratory soaring birds into key productive sectors along the Rift Valley/Red Sea flyway

    The Rift Valley/Red Sea flyway is the second most important flyway for migratory soaring birds (raptors, storks, pelicans and some ibis) in the world, with over 1.5 million birds of 37 species, including 5 globally threatened species, using this corridor between their breeding grounds in Europe and West Asia and wintering areas in Africa each year.

  • Small Decentralized Renewable Energy Power Generation

    The project will catalyze the development of the small, decentralized, grid-connected renewable energy (RE) power generation market in Lebanon. The target is to facilitate the installation of at least 1.75 MW of new decentralized RE power generation capacity during the lifetime of the project, resulting in direct GHG reduction benefits of approximately 35,500 tonnes of CO2eq.

Our work - Environment and Energy

The Environment and Energy (E&E) Programme works closely with the Government of Lebanon to provide policy support for more effective environment and energy management. The programme also works with local communities and civil sector organisations to improve livelihoods through improved natural resource management. Our aim is to move Lebanon towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), more specifically Goal 7 on environmental sustainability. The programme is funded by several donors and also collaborates with the private sector.

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