Environment & Energy


Solar Photovoltaic

Lebanon has around 300 sunny days in a year with over 8- 9 hours of daily sunshine. While Lebanon is suffering from electricity supply shortage, solar energy presents a clean alternative that can, if properly designed, remove the need for diesel self-generation and lower the national utilitymore


Hunter’s Guide

The “Hunter’s Guide” includes information about the hunting equipment and  weapons with several facts about their features, the ammunition, how they function, and how they should be cleaned and stored. the guide covers: - basic skills for hunting, - the hunter’s ethics and responsibilities, -more


NAtional Geothermal Resource Assessment Report

This current report has assessed a new untapped stream of renewable energy which is the Geothermal energy. In contrary to other renewable energy technologies, geothermal energy delivers constant and reliable power not subjected to variations of the meteorological conditions. Geothermal energy ismore