Environment & Energy


Field Guide to the Soaring Birds in Lebanon

As Lebanon is considered a major bottleneck for migratory soaring birds , this book summarizes the detailed scientific information needed by bird watchers in order to differentiate between the various species. more


Lebanon’s First National Survey Study of The Solar Water Heaters Market

The purpose of this survey research is to assess the availability, adequacy, performance, and usability of the solar water heating systems in Lebanon. The research provides a quantitative and qualitative understanding of the solar thermal market in Lebanon through interviewing users from themore


National Bioenergy Strategy for Lebanon

The National Bioenergy Assessment for Lebanon has been published by the UNDP-CEDRO project, implemented by a consortium of international and local companies. The study had five main tasks; (1) resource assessment, (2) bioenergy technology conversion options, (3) scenarios for the future, (4)more