Democratic Governance


Role of Parliament in Creating employment opportunities for Lebanese Youth

The purpose of this study is to find out the role of the parliamentary committees in increasing job opportunities for the Lebanese youth, and coming up with specific recommendations. The UNDP in consultation with the Committee on Youth and Sports has appointed  Mr. Hisham Abou Jaoude to carrymore


The National Human Development Report 2008-2009: Toward a Citizen’s State

The fourth National Human Development Report, “Toward a Citizen’s State”, addresses citizenship in Lebanon through three principle perspectives: citizenship and sectarian state, socio-economic citizenship and citizenship and culture and education. more


Predicament of Lebanese Women Married to Non Lebanese Field Analytical Study

The “Predicament of Lebanese women married to non Lebanese” study aims at highlighting the number of Lebanese women married to non-Lebanese, their children, and their distribution from a statistical point of view. It also seeks to shed the light on the social and economic conditions of women andmore