Response to the Syrian Crisis


3rd issue of the joint news supplement

UNDP in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs, launched a support program to assist Lebanese communities hosting Syrian Refugees. We contribute in protecting the livelihoods and development of Basic services and promote social cohesion and villages in the areas most affected. more


Addressing Urban Hot Spots in Lebanon

The project aims to reduce and mitigate inter and intra communal tensions in selected urban areas in Beirut and Saida with potential for conflict, in order to mitigate potential outbreaks or escalations of violence at the local level. It aims to respond to existing conflict dynamics reflectingmore


Final Journalist Pact for Strengthening Civil Peace

The journalists’ pact issued includes 18 articles covering topics such as respect for religions, preserving national stability and security, anti-racism and many others regulations which journalists in Lebanon have agreed upon. more