Women´s Empowerment


Infographics: the cost of domestic violence

This series of inforgraphics was developed based on the results of the reasearch abou the cost of domestic violence in Kyrgyzstan which was published in 2012 as part of the initiative of the Association of Crisis Centres, the Association of Rural Women "Alga" and independentЕще


Situation Analysis: Possibilities and Barriers for Development of Women Entrepreneurship in Villages

This situational analysis is intended to facilitate integration of gender perspectives in policy documents of state policy in the field of entrepreneurship by providing in-depth analysis of problems and prospects of development of women entrepreneurship, as well as determine entrepreneurialЕще


Guidelines on Implementing Gender Approaches into Activities of Stats-Secretaries of Kyrgyz Republic Government Bodies

This publication is developed for stats-secretaries of the Kyrgyz Republic who are a target group within a project aimed at strengthening of capacities of mid-level civil servants in gender sensitive governance and gender balanced state service. The guidelines are developed as instruments forЕще



Making gender equality a reality is a core commitment of UNDP globally. “Gender” is no longer highlighted as a separate focus area, but became a cross-cutting theme to be integrated into all areas of our work. UNDP in Kyrgyzstan promotes gender equality in various ways in all areas of its work, with active participation of the government, civil society and local communities, including actors who have not been previously engaged in these activities.