Human Development


Human Development as the Focus of Local Self-Government: HERE AND NOW!

The main idea of ​​authors of this National Human Development Report (NHDR) is that the level of human development in the Kyrgyz Republic is defined by the development of local self-government (LSG). The report for the first time in Kyrgyzstan offers a fresh look at local self-government not only


National Human Development Report 2009/2010

The NHDR-2009/10 on youth in Kyrgyzstan is based on the results from this broad survey, followed by the focus group meetings and roundtables with young people throughout the country and expert analysis. This truly participatory approach provides us with a snapshot of youth’s needs and wants as they

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National Human Development Report is a flagship publication of the UN Development Programme prepared by an independent team of authors. The first report was published in 1992, and since then, national teams of authors with UNDP’s support prepare national HDRs. Currently there are over about 700 reports published worldwide. They analyze national policies in terms of human development through research and consultations led at the local level. The national human development reports highlight many of the key development challenges starting from climate change and unemployment among young people to gender and ethnic inequalities.