Environment & Energy


Climate Change: Examples of Adaptation on a Community Level

The publication showcases examples of adaptation to climate change practiced by local communities in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Materials of this publication will be useful for existing and launching projects, as well as initiative groups of local people and farmers who want to developmore


Climate Profile of the Kyrgyz Republic

The profile contains analysis the first phase of measures for adaptation to climate change, namely, the extent of the observed and expected climate changes and their impact on the Kyrgyz Republic for further effective implementation of appropriate adaptation measures. This phase aims atmore


Do It Yourself: A Warm House

The topic of "warm house" is becoming increasingly popular and foreign as well as domestic manufacturers have developed a set of complex insulation systems for houses. Today we have technologies that help insulate brick, frame, wooden and concrete buildings, as well as ready-made energymore


In recognition of the importance of environment in the national context, UNDP has prioritized energy and sustainable development with two underlying objectives: to advocate for a coherent and strategic vision on sustainable development; and to generate an increasing volume of grant funding for this sector to address critical national needs. UNDP launched its first full-fledged five-year environment programme in 2008, with the goal of including sustainable development principles into national strategies and policies. Since then, UNDP helped to promote a number of groundbreaking legislative initiatives on conserving fish, waste management, renewable energy sources, environmental code, energy efficiency and others.