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  • 23 Feb 2015
    SLED Awarded Best Energy Efficiency Project in Kosovo for 2014

    On 20 February, UNDP received an official note from the Kosovo Energy Efficiency Agency (KEEA) that works under the Ministry of Economic Development that this component of the SLED project was selected as the best project of the year that contributed to the reduction in CO2 emission in Kosovo

  • 11 Feb 2015
    European Emergency Number 112 Day arrives in Pristina

    112 is a toll free number which every citizen can access from landlines, mobile phones and international lines

  • 04 Feb 2015
    American University and UNDP to Increase Quality Research in Kosovo

    The MOU contains common areas of cooperation in Human Development (HD) Research and –Teaching, active engagement of students and professors in research activities

  • 29 Jan 2015
    ALMP Continues to Support Employment Generation

    Priorities of ALMP2 activities during 2015 include the support of the establishment and functionalization of the Kosovo Employment Agency, the support of preparation of a feasibility analysis for the establishment of the Employment Fund, and also the piloting of the self-employment programme

  • 20 Jan 2015
    Integrated Territorial Development Project Discusses 2014 Results

    Among the highlighted results was enhancement of capacities of municipal staff, the private sector, as well as the civil society through numerous trainings

  • 15 Jan 2015
    Safety in Public Schools of Pristina not Satisfactory

    Public Pulse produced an action paper on violence and security in public schoolsin Pristina the outcomes of which will be used to draft the Comprehensive Platform 2015-2018 Against Violence in Schools in Prishtinë/Priština municipality

  • 19 Dec 2014
    Milking machines make easier work for women farmers

    The UNDP “Aid for Trade” project recently distributed valuable labour-saving milking machines to women farmers in Shtërpcë/Štrpce, a municipality of Albanian and Serbian communities, in a mountainous region favourable to livestock breeding

  • 15 Dec 2014
    Santa Claus Heartens Farmers in Dragash/š

    30 farmers in the Opoja region of the Dragash/š Municipality benefited from the municipal Territorial Employment Pact’s (TEP) Action no. 1 supporting the upgrade of micro-farms

  • 12 Dec 2014
    UNDP Helps Women Farmers

    UNDP’s “Aid for Trade” project distributed 28 milking machines to women farmers in the municipality of Shtërpcë/Štrpce

  • 12 Dec 2014
    Small Things Make Miracles Happen

    During the 12-day training, over 130 participants representing different institutions were trained and advised on how to prepare business plans, apply for and benefit from grant schemes such as the LDF, or initiatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, and EU grant procedures, as well as value chain analyses in agricultural sector, tourism development and rules and regulations for resource utilization

  • 09 Dec 2014
    Improving Quality of Labour Market Statistics

    Discussion focused on how to improve the quality and reliability of labour market data used in addressing key policy issues

  • 09 Dec 2014
    Stories Against Corruption Awarded

    Association of Journalists of Kosovo (AJK) presented on 9 December prizes for best media stories on corruption in 2014

  • 05 Dec 2014
    Make change happen, volunteer

    In Kosovo, the United Nations Volunteer programme marked this day by mobilizing volunteers and civil society and supporting the Elderly House in Pristina

  • 05 Dec 2014
    UNDP Kosovo and Croatian Centre of Excellence Cooperation

    His Excellency Mr. Zoran Vodopija, Croatian Ambassador, and Mr. Mladen Glavina, First Secretary of the Croatian Embassy in Prishtina, who opened the seminar, commended the initiative and confirmed continued support for the Government of Kosovo beyond 2015

  • 25 Nov 2014
    Statement by UNDP Administrator Helen Clark International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

    I invite you to join me and UNDP and stand up today, and every day, to build a world where women and girls can live free of violence and fulfill their potential as valued and equal members of society wherever they live.

  • 25 Nov 2014
    Addressing Domestic Violence in Kosovo

    Gjilan/Gnjilane municipality is a typical case that when all segments of society are in line for the same cause great results can be expected no matter how difficult it seems

  • 19 Nov 2014
    UNDP Powers Municipality with Solar Lights

    eplacement of the current system with photovoltaic system will contribute in expanding public street lighting, reduction of GHG emissions, savings in both energy and budget spending, reduction of existing 82 poles to 50, and improvement of lighting quality up to 50 percent

  • 18 Nov 2014
    Securing Ammunition, Protecting Lives

    A two week course on the implementation of the International Ammunition Technical Guidelines in the Ministry of Internal Affairs is taking place for students from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Kosovo Police, Kosovo Correctional Services, Kosovo Police Inspectorate, Kosovo Customs, Kosovo Forest Agency, Kosovo Intelligence Agency and Kosovo Security Force

  • 15 Nov 2014
    Upgrading the

    The idea of the meeting was to introduce representatives of Kosovo institutions and other international partners on the role and responsibilities of the team behind the platform where citizens can report corruption

  • 14 Nov 2014
    UNDP and USAID release Public Pulse VIII

    UNDP and USAID released Public Pulse VIII which provides an overview of key indicators and results of the survey that show a significant decrease in people’s satisfaction with the work of Kosovo’s key executive, legislative, and judicial institutions