Democratic Governance


Public Pulse 1

This is the first edition of the Public Pulse Report, a continuation of previous Early Warning Reports – a series that commenced in August 2002. We continue to enjoy the sponsorship of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) that shares the cost of the report. The report provides more


Public Pulse 6

The sixth Report is the last edition of the Public Pulse Project 2010-2013. Covering the period from October 2012 to March 2013, Public Pulse VI follows the tradition of previous reports by examining the evolving situation in Kosovo under areas that cover political, socio-economic, interethnic, more


Action Papper

The Public Pulse Action Paper “Security in Schools in the Municipality of Prizren”, through an appropriate study of the state of security in schools in the Municipality of Prizren as viewed by students, teachers and parents, aims to provide concrete recommendations on the steps to be undertaken by more


UNDP is ideally placed to help the Kosovan people and institutions in overcoming the future challenges as well. We will contribute to Kosovo's priorities and development of capacities of various partners through the following programme components: inclusive growth and development, democratic governance, and environmental sustainability. Efforts will continue to reinforce mainstreaming gender equality and women empowerment across the programme.