Disaster Risk Reduction

The Disaster Risk Reduction and Recovery Unit works with government and other stakeholders to find sustainable solutions to disaster impacts. The specific focus of the unit is to: support the country in developing a legal, policy and institutional framework that guides the country in Disaster Risk Reduction and Recovery; MORE

Our Goals

The Disaster Risk Reduction programme in Kenya seeks to strengthen key national institutions to coordinate, formulate policies and manage disasters by mainstreaming of DRR at national and county levels. This is achieved by Strengthening National and local government capacity to collect, analyze, store and disseminate accurate DRR data, supporting community livelihoods for quick recovery and the resilience and strengthening of key institutions to coordinate, formulate policies and manage disasters. more

Women from the Turkana Community

Supporting recovery and stabilization of livelihoods of host communities in Turkana and Garissa counties which are some of the worst hit areas by 2011 drought.

Our Stories

  • Students from St. John School in Lokichoggio, harvest tomatoes from their greenhouse provided by UNDP. The greenhouses were provided to restore and protect the livelihoods of the horn of Africa drought affected communities.

    Green houses boost Education at St. John School
     green house

    Turkana county in northern Kenya, is susceptible to droughts and floods leading to food production and food security problems. Most of the local communities are traditionally more

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Projects and Initiatives

Drought Recovery Project

Drought Recovery Project

The UNDP drought response programme will involve the scaling up of a Host Community project in Turkana and Garissa districts, which are some of the worst hit areas in the recent drought and also some of the most under developed. So far in the response... more


Disaster Risk Management Project

In the last two decades, Kenya has continued to face a rising degree of vulnerability to disaster risk. This risk is the probability of a hazard turning into a disaster, with households or communities being affected in such a manner that their lives and livelihoods are seriously disrupted beyond their capacity to cope or withstand using their own resources, with the result that affected populations suffer serious widespread human, material, economic or environmental losses... more

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