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Kazakhstan: Save the wetlands, protect the economy

Valentina Zhakupbekova’s family depended on the exploitation of Kazakhstan’s vast wetlands - thousands of square kilometres of rich soil and abundant lakes, with caviar-bearing fish, unique birds and aquatic flora. Her husband was an illegal poacher, supporting their four children with the fish he cmore


Kazakhstan: When every drop makes profit

‘Lack of water, dramatically declined garden, poor harvest,’ in this way a pensioner Michael Samokhotin describes summer 2009. At that time the authorities of Akmola region decided to disable summer water pipe to the village Arnasay because of the strategic importance of the local water reservoir fomore


Unlocking energy efficiency in Kazakhstan

A few years ago 14-year-old Arman dreaded going to physical-education classes at Public School Number 9 in Kazakhstan’s capital of Astana. It wasn’t that Arman disliked sports. It was that the gymnasium in his 63-year-old school was so cold in winter that he and his classmates could see their breathmore

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