Promoting IWRM and Fostering Transboundary Dialogue in Central Asia


The Ili-Balkhash River Basin is shared by Kazakhstan (60%) and China (34%) and partly the Kyrgyz Republic. The river Ili gives about 80% of the whole of water inflow of the Lake Balkhash, which is one of the biggest lake ecosystems on Earth.

Increasing agricultural development, pollution from industries, population growth and hydropower development directly affect the amount and quality of water flow in the lake, threatening livelihoods and ecosystem of the river basin. While population and economic pressures continue to increase, it is crucial that Kazakhstan and China take immediate joint measures to establish institutional and political basis for the sustainable management of the river basin.

This project is the national component of the regional EU-UNDP project “Promoting Integrated Water Resources Management and Fostering Transboundary Dialogue in Central Asia”. It builds upon the results of previous IWRM and river basin projects in Kazakhstan. The project aims to support bilateral cooperation and joint activities with China, engage stakeholders, as well as provide expert advice to the bilateral commission and in order to improve the existing legal agreements between the two countries.

Expected Results

  • Intensified bilateral cooperation activities and stakeholders engagement, including the establishment of a joint database and organization of joint activities;
  • Improved bilateral cooperation and capacities of the Kazakhstan-Chinese Commission, improved legal framework;
  • Improved Master Plan f0r the Ili-Balkhash basin.


 Donor name  Amount contributed
 UNDP  $ 5,400,000


 Dec 2012  $ 214,348
 Apr 2013  $ 8,130
Project start date
January 2009
Estimated end date
February 2013
Geographic coverage
Focus Area
Environment, Natural Resources
Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
Project officer
Yerlan Zhumabayev
Ministry of Agriculture, Committee for Water Resources, Ministry of Environmental Protection, River Basin Councils