Assistance to Kazakhstan in Improving Interregional Cooperation for the Green Growth Promotion and Astana Initiative Implementation


At the Sixth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Development, Asia-Pacific (MCED-6), countries-participants adopted a Declaration on strengthening interregional cooperation in joint activities for transition from current conventional models of economic development to green growth for improving people’s well-being and achieving sustainable development. Astana "Green Bridge" Initiative is proposed by Kazakhstan to promote partnership in Europe and Asia-Pacific region in developing policies and tools for supporting green investments and green technologies. The joint project of UNDP and MEP RK is initiated to provide institutional support to strengthen interregional cooperation between European and Asia-Pacific countries in pursuance of the above mentioned Ministerial Declaration adopted at the MCED-6.

Expected Results

  • Development of governance structure, implementation plan and indicators for monitoring progress towards implementation of the Partnership Programme and Astana Initiative;
  • Identifying goals and objectives of transition to "green" economy by RK, a methodology for determining "green" projects;
  • Financial resources mobilization strategy for implementation of "green" projects;
  • Assistance in preparation of pilot “green” projects for financing;
  • Recommendations on inclusion of low carbon development ("LCD") measures of RK into sectoral and territorial development plans, determining indicators for implementation of  LCD in RK;
  • Recommendations to the Government of RK on financial and economic methods of stimulation of natural resources users to reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Trainings and seminars, information exchange and education program for NGOs, business community and public to promote principles of "green" economy in RK.


 Donor name  Amount contributed
 Government of Kazakhstan  $ 294000
 UNDP  $ 160000


 Dec 2012  $ 122 312,00
 Apr 2013  $ 97 198,00
Project start date
May 2012
Estimated end date
December 2013
Geographic coverage
Kazakhstan, Astana
Focus Area
Climate Change
Ensure environmental sustainablility
Project officer
Maira Karasayeva
Government of Kazakhstan, Ministry of Environmental protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan,