Food and Nutrition Security in Jordan towards Poverty Alleviation



Towards enhancing food security and nutrition in Jordan as a main pillar for poverty alleviation, UNDP has led a Joint UN Program to provide credible, coherent assistance to the government at the national and local levels through supporting coordinated national food security response, increasing sustainable food production for small-holder farmers and improving nutrition interventions and safety nets.

What have we accomplished so far


  • Introducing production and accessibility mechanisms in three eco geographic areas, and supporting the targeted households with suitable interventions, Women based production types of activities were encouraged and emphasised in the identified eco regions.
    Support Ministry of Agriculture in establishing a food security unit, conducting institutional capacity assessment   and development for   the unit.
  • Developing 10 Policy papers for food security.
  • Forming a committee to facilitate coordination among governmental, NGOs and other non-government partners in the food security area, as well as with other relevant committees and panels, and a Secretariat is in place and function.

Expected outputs

  • Building National capacity to develop, manage, and monitor strategies and action plans, in food security.
  • Increasing food production for small-holder farmers, and rural women households, in targeted poverty areas.
  • Strengthening Nutrition interventions and targeting mechanisms of aid funds.

Who Finances it?

Total funded contributions: USD 1,278,775

UNDP : USD 900,000

WFP: USD 287,775

UNICEF: USD 91,000


Delivery in previous fiscal year

2010: USD 48,889.34

2011: USD 211, 433.55

2012: USD 221,623.36

Project start date:
10 October 2010
Estimated end date:
31 December 2013
Focus Area:
Responsible Party :
UNDP and Ministry of Agriculture (MOA)
Implementing Partner:
Ministry of Agriculture (MOA)
Project Budget :
USD 4,299,899
Location :
UN agencies participating in the programme:
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