Thinking Differently about Poverty and the Poor

Support to Poverty Analysis and Monitoring

 poverty pockets in Jordan

UNDP is providing technical assistance to develop definitions and measurement tools to respond to the challenges of poverty in the Kingdom as a multidimensional phenomenon. In this project, we are providing direct support to the National Agenda (2006 – 2015) particularly on social welfare theme.

What have we accomplished so far

  • Developed number of reports to tackle the poverty from it multidimensional aspects
  • Developed Living Standard Index (LSI) Info database for the years 2002, 2006, 2008 and 2010 and activated LSI Info website for Jordan ( ).
  • Monitored the implementation of the newly developed Executive Development Programme (EDP), 2011-2013 through a coherent and coordination system
  • Developed the poverty indicator web-based application and trained the line ministries’ staff on updating the system.
  • Provided high technical support in developing Jordan’s Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) 2013-2020.  
  • Developed 23 poverty reduction Policy Options Papers (POPs), presenting policy options, measures, actions and indicators.


Expected outputs

  • Poverty Pockets Survey is analyzed and results are followed-up.
  • Focus is shifted from monetized poverty to “social risk” of vulnerability and exclusion.
  • Social Sector Planning is supported and implementation is monitored.
  • Poverty is alleviated through more effective use of resources and improved social service delivery.

Who Finances it?

Donor Name Amount Contributed


$ 400,000
Government $ 160,000
UNFPA $ 70,000
UNICEF $ 10,000

Delivery in previous fiscal year

2011: USD 253,009.28

2012: USD 333,042.19

Project Overview
Project start date:
October 2011
Estimated end date:
December 2014
Focus Area :
Responsible Party:
Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MOPIC)
Implementing Partner:
MOPIC & Department of Statistics (DOS)
Project Budget:
USD 823,100.00
  • Comparison Quality of Life Index (QLI) 2002-2010 Report, formerly named (localised Living Standard Index, (LSI)
  • Detailed 2010 analytical report for (QLI) with linking these results with the current macroeconomic situation of the country.
  • Conducting a poverty pockets survey which was the first of its kind in the Kingdom to produce analytical social data at the selected 15 districts/sub district level spread over 7 governorates of the Kingdom, it gathered evidence on household’s access to decent jobs, quality health care and education, reliance on community solidarity, social cohesion and public services.
  • As a result from the above mentioned survey, poverty pocket analysis report was developed.