Poverty Reduction

  • Mitigating the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on Jordanian vulnerable host communities

    The programme is designed to respond to urgent needs of crisis-affected people in a timely and efficient manner, with emphasis on Jordanians in host communities, to increase their absorption capacity and mitigating any possible tensions between Syrian refugees and hosting communities.

  • Youth Employment Generation Programme in Arab Transition Countries– Jordan Component Phase II

    This project is the second phase of a multi-country program that has been developed to address the complexity of youth employment challenge to contribute to poverty reduction and social stability in Arab countries, including Jordan. This second phase of the project will build on the experience and lessons learned from Phase I of the project. The project will be implemented in 6 governorates in Jordan, characterized with high levels of poverty and/or unemployment, targeting youth employment creation.

  • Supporting Poverty Analysis and Monitoring in Jordan

    UNDP is providing technical assistance to develop definitions and measurement tools to respond to the challenges of poverty in the Kingdom as a multidimensional phenomenon. In this project UNDP is providing direct support to the National Agenda (2006 – 2015) particularly on social welfare theme.

  • Thinking Differently about Poverty and the Poor

    UNDP is providing technical assistance to support poverty analysis and monitoring at Ministry of Planning And International Cooperation (MOPIC) and Department of Statistics (DOS).

  • Food and Nutrition Security in Jordan

    Towards enhancing food security and nutrition in Jordan as a main pillar for poverty alleviation, UNDP has led a Joint UN Program to provide credible, coherent assistance to the government at the national and local levels through supporting coordinated national food security response, increasing sustainable food production for small-holder farmers and improving nutrition interventions and safety nets.


UNDP is working towards contributing to the achievement of the national development of Jordan. UNDP’s work is based on a number of national strategic documents. This includes the National Agenda (2006-2015), and its Executive Development Programme (2011-2013), well as the relevant policies and strategies such as;  the Poverty Reduction Strategy (2012-2020), National Employment Strategy (2011-2020), Environment Strategy, and others. UNDP work is also guided by a number of UNDP’s corporate strategic and guiding documents, such as the Strategic Plan, and Annual Business Plans. At the national Level UNDP’s current Country Programme (CPD), and its Action Plan the (CPAP) are based on the UN Country Common Assessment (CCA) and the UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF).