Poverty Reduction


Civil Society Index Analytical Report for Jordan

The Civil Society Index (CSI) is a participatory research project that seeks to assess the status of civil society organisations (CSOs). It is applied by practitioners in civil society and is dedicated to serving their interests globally. The CSI is based on a comprehensive methodology which wasmore


Global Gender Gap Report

Some of the most compelling findings regarding the benefits of gender equality are emerging from companies. For example, companies that include more women at the top levels of leadership tend to outperform those that don’t. With a growing female talent pool coming out of schools and universities,more


Jordan Poverty Reduction Strategy

The Government of Jordan adopted its first Poverty Alleviation Strategy in 2002 recognizing poverty as a key development problem requiring a comprehensive policy for improving the lives of the poor and socially excluded, increasing their human capabilities, providing them with economicmore


Municipal Needs Assessment Report

The conflict in Syria resulted in massive refugee crisis to neighboring countries, including Jordan. Jordan kept an open border policy, resulting in receiving a huge influx of refugees, posing enormous challenges to the country, with strong implications on the socio-economic situation in generalmore


UNDP Report on Labour Market in Jordan

The report provides depth data to clarify the vocational training needs of Jordanian youth; Provide information on the skills sought by the local labour market, Inform the development of an effective youth employment portal and vocational training programme which offers career counselling, planningmore

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UNDP Jordan works with national and international partners in order to contribute to the eradication of extreme poverty and supporting youth.

UNDP works hard to achieve its goals and help the Government of Jordan achieving its challenges through many activities.