Millenium Development Goals


Post-2015 Development Agenda National Consultations in Jordan

 Jordan is one of the 88+ countries which carried out national consultations worldwide. 10 countries from the Arab region were selected to run the post-2015 national consultations: Jordan, Djibouti, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Algeria, Yemen, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon. The Jordanian nationalmore


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Second National Millennium Development Goals Report Jordan 2010

Within this framework, and based on Jordan’s conviction of the importance of these goals from the economic, social and environmental aspects, as well as their positive manifestations on the citizen’s life, Jordan has taken all the measures required for achieving the MDGs by incorporating them intomore

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At the United Nations Millennium Summit in 2000, 189 Member States adopted the Millennium Declaration and pledged to achieve the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by the target date of 2015.

Since then, the declaration has succeeded in galvanizing unprecedented efforts to urge governments together with civil society organizations, the private sector and the international community in addressing the needs of the world’s poorest.

In Jordan, the first National MDG report was released in 2004 and made an effective contribution to the country’s policy-making as the goals, targets and indicators were adapted and aligned with national plans and development priorities.