Millenium Development Goals


The Millennium Development Goals in Iraq

The Millennium Development Goals for Iraq contain a set of key milestones for achieving a better future for the country and its people. Over the last few decades, the people of Iraq have suffered the consequences of economic stagnation and reduced access to essential services due to wars, sanctionsmore


The Third Arab Report on the Millennium Development Goals 2010 and the Impact of the Global Economic Crises

The Arab region has achieved progress in many MDG areas, including significant strides in health and education. However, despite Arab countries’ efforts, there have been setbacks and constraints attributable to several factors, including the relatively poor economic performance in the 1990s andmore

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UNDP’s work in Iraq is governed by one clear aim: to make Iraq a better place to live. This aim is reflected in every aspect of our work and is captured in a comprehensive set of eight measurable objectives known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). These goals were set by world leaders at the United Nations Millennium Summit in September 2000 in response to the world’s greatest development challenges. They were drawn from the actions and targets agreed upon in the internationally adopted Millennium Declaration.