Millenium Development Goals


The Millennium Development Goals Report 2012

Three important targets on poverty, slums and water have been met three years ahead of 2015, says this year’s Report on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Meeting the remaining targets, while challenging, is possible ─ but only if Governments do not waiver from their commitments made over amore


The Millennium Development Goals Report 2013

This year’s report looks at the areas where action is needed most: hunger, maternal health, sanitation and environmental protection, for example. This report also shows that the achievement of the MDGs has been uneven among and within countries. The MDGs have proven that focused global developmentmore


UNDP in Iran aspires to support the government in its efforts towards meeting the MDGs. While the country is currently on the track for meeting many of these goals, the national averages reveal significant disparities between the rich and the poor, the young and the old, men and women as well as inhabitants of different regions.While the latest statistical data on the progress of Iran towards the MDGs is based on the last MDG report published in 2006, the continuous progress towards these goals can be seen through the achievement and results of UNDP’s various projects in the country.