Health and Development


Together For Health: The Islamic Republic of Iran with the Global Fund & UNDP

In recognition of the achievements in the field of health in Iran and as a celebration of a fruitful collaboration between the Government of Iran, the Global Fund and UNDP, this report showcases the accomplishments of the three Global Fund-supported projects in Iran. It highlights Iran's successesmore

UNDP - Global Fund Partnership

The GFATM project in the Islamic Republic of Iran involves numerous partners including governmental ministries, NGOs, private sector and the UN agencies. UNDP’s primary objective in the partnership is to support the local entity legally responsible for the management of the Grant in a recipient country. Consequently, UNDP was chosen to act as the Principal Recipient (PR) of the Grant for he Global Fund’s project to fight HIV/AIDS in Iran in 2005. Since October 2008, UNDP in cooperation with the Government of I.R. of Iran has extended the scope of the project on the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS to include Malaria and Tuberculosis through funding received from GFATM.