Stories of Change


The Biodiversity Challenge - Supporting India’s Ecosystems

Recognising India’s rich biodiversity, the United Nations Development Programme is supporting several initiatives to conserve the country’s rich and diverse ecosystems and demonstrate strategies to reduce poverty. Rapid economic growth and limitations in integrating environmental concerns into deve more


UNDP-India to Explore Ways to Expand and Deepen Partnership in India and Globally

“UNDP’s partnership with India in the 21st century should also have a global dimension. India has many experiences to share and technologies available to assist other developing countries to meet their development challenges.” -UNDP Administrator, Helen Clark The India LDC (Least Developed Count more


China and India: Finding Common Ground

In a unique example of South-South cooperation, a high-level delegation from China visited India to explore synergies and understand how both countries can deliver employment commensurate to rapid growth.  To explore synergies and understand how both countries can deliver employment commensura more


Building Skills, Eradicating Poverty: Participating in India's Growth Story

As India continues to record high growth rates, a partnership between the United Nations Development Programme and the Government of Rajasthan is helping equip the poorest and most marginalized with the skills necessary to participate in the country’s growth story. Set up in 2004 the Rajasthan Missi more


Guaranteeing Jobs, Building Sustainable Livelihoods

The visit of Miss Helen Clark, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), to Bhilwara district in the western Indian state of Rajasthan shed light on several critical elements of the pioneering legislation, the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. Guaranteei more


Understanding Human Development through Film

From child marriage in Rajasthan, food security in Orissa and a shortage of doctors in Himachal Pradesh's health care services, a series of films explore the challenges of human development. A series of films that look at human development across India’s states through the filmmakers lens seek to fu more


Clean, Green and Bright

Kabbigere Gram Panchayat sells power generated by its self-run biomass power plants at a rate of Rs.2.85 per kWh (USD0.06) to the Bangalore Electricity Supply Company. In the remote Kabbigere village in the Southern Indian state of Karnataka, greenery is conspicuous. What is not so visible in this s more


UNDP Enhancing Women’s Role and Participation in Governance

To empower elected women representatives, several initiatives supported by UNDP in partnership with the Ministry of Panchayati Raj, such as trainings, workshops, exposure visits are helping women bring socio-political change in the communities. Sulochana Mulgi is an elected representative of Manedi more


India's Job Guarantee Act Emerging as a Ray of Hope in Global Meltdown

With UNDP India’s support in implementing the job guarantee programme in Chhattisgarh, many affected by the global economic crisis, have become aware of the right to work under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) and how to avail this pioneering piece of legislation. Madvi Madka, fr more


Volunteering to Help Resettle Families: A Young Man Supports Displaced

Twenty-six-year-old Chakradhar Patra from Mayurbhani in Orissa supports people who have been displaced from their villages due to development projects such as dams, new upcoming industries and railways. Chakradhar Patra from Mayurbhani Twenty-six-year-old Chakradhar Patra from Orissa’s Mayurbhanj is more

Disaster Management in India

India is highly vulnerable to natural disasters, losing about two percent of the GDP on an average to disasters. This publication by the Ministry of Home Affairs, and supported by UNDP highlights policies and programmes undertaken by the Government of India to mitigate disaster risk, and areas of action to make the country disaster resilient in the future.

From the Frontline of Community Action: A Compendium of Six Successful Community Based HIV Interventions That Have Worked for MSM- TG-Hijras in India

The report critically assesses six community-based organizations working with men-who-have-sex-with-men and transgenders from different parts of the country. It details key interventions implemented by them, partnerships with other community members, lessons learnt and replicable models for further interventions

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