Stories of Change


Partnering to Build Skills: Evaluation Report Says UNDP’s Support in Setting Up the Rajasthan Mission on Livelihoods has been Beneficial to the State

An evaluation of a project between the Government of Rajasthan and UNDP to support livelihood promotion strategies in Rajasthan has found it made a significant impact on marginalized communities through livelihood promotion and skill building initiatives undertaken. An evaluation of a project betwee more


In Search of a Secure Future: Social Protection for People Living with HIV

Thirty-five year old Harihar's life changed after he and his wife were tested HIV positive in 2007. His inability to work put severe financial pressure on his family. However, UNDP's support in extending social protection schemes to PLHIV, has helped people like Harihar secure a future for themselve more


UNDP and India Sign Partnership Agreement to Further South-South Cooperation

New Delhi 14 March 2012: The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and India signed a partnership agreement today intended to leverage India’s vast development experience to accelerate progress towards the Millennium Development Goals and increase its role in south-south cooperation. The UNDP- more


Overcoming a Cycle of Misery: Bahraich Recreates the Magic of Monsoons

In a decade long partnership between UNDP and the Government of India, communities and local administration have been empowered to respond to disasters better. Years later, the people of Bahraich show the impact of this empowerment. They have been awarded with the 2011 Times of India Social Impact A more


Conceptualizing Inclusive Growth

A two-day consultation organized by the Planning Commission and the UNDP aimed to arrive at a conceptual understanding of inclusive growth and the key determinants of an inclusive growth framework that can guide countries, development agencies and communities in the coming years. Inclusive developme more


Bridging India’s Inequality Divide

A first-ever study by UNDP reveals that significant inequalities across Indian states impact human development outcomes and that considerable gains are possible by reducing the extent of inequality in other dimensions of human development such as education and health. At the India release of the Glo more


Coal Bed Methane Recovery: Helping India Meet its Energy Needs

A first-ever pilot by UNDP demonstrated the commercial feasibility of using methane gas from coal mining to electrify homes. Now widely accepted as an area with commercial potential that is being scaled up nationally, it reveals a powerful strategy to combat climate change, ensure safety of mining c more


Conserving Habitats; Protecting Livelihoods: A Women’s Group in Orissa, India Leads the Way

UNDP is partnering with the Orissa government to mobilize local communities to conserve natural resources through building sustainable ecosystem based livelihoods and social capital. “When communities themselves drive conservation efforts, they can positively impact coastal livelihoods and ensure th more


Water in the Land of Extremes: Marwar’s People Find Solutions to Water Scarcity

UNDP project has reached out to water-scarce communities in 200 villages across Pali, Barmer and Jodhpur districts of Rajasthan to address the water-related vulnerabilities. More than seven million people rely on agriculture and animal husbandry in the Marwar region of the western Indian state of Ra more


In Eye of the Forest: Conserving Biodiversity, Building Sustainable Futures

Recognizing the close communion between communities and natural resources, UNDP is supporting several initiatives in Chhattisgarh to help communities conserve traditional knowledge, build awareness on conservation-friendly gathering practices and help people, particularly women access the marke more

Disaster Management in India

India is highly vulnerable to natural disasters, losing about two percent of the GDP on an average to disasters. This publication by the Ministry of Home Affairs, and supported by UNDP highlights policies and programmes undertaken by the Government of India to mitigate disaster risk, and areas of action to make the country disaster resilient in the future.

From the Frontline of Community Action: A Compendium of Six Successful Community Based HIV Interventions That Have Worked for MSM- TG-Hijras in India

The report critically assesses six community-based organizations working with men-who-have-sex-with-men and transgenders from different parts of the country. It details key interventions implemented by them, partnerships with other community members, lessons learnt and replicable models for further interventions

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