• Rebirth

    Development is a dual-natured process. On the one hand it opens up new opportunities of progress, and on the other hand it causes severe problems such as displacement and uprooting. Accordingly people are dicided on the issue and that leads to socio-political conflict. People who stand to gain from the development and the panners need to understand that unless the people who are affected are also accomodated in the process, real development will not occur. Urbanization, dams, mega-projects affect the farmers severely at the level of subsistence and identity, as they are threatened with the loss of land, their livelihoods and uprooting. But these processes that they oppose can also create opportunities for them in the long run. This film seeks to bring out the various issues related to the situation of the farmers through a study of development issues in the three districts of Maharashtra viz. Pune, Sholapur and satara. Progreesive, humane state policies and a positive response on the part of farmers can affect positive changes.

  • You Who Go Beyond

    This film focuses on the Gulbarga district of Karnataka, which is draught stricken and where a nomadic tribe called Lambinis live. The film is interspersed with extracts from the poetry of DV. Gundappa, the central theme being the idea that Human Development is all about unleashing human capacity for its sake.

  • Bhanga-Gara (To Break To Create)

    This film focuses on the two extreme problems seen in the Maldah district of West Bengal. First, is the enormous problem of soil erosion of Ganga that leaves hundreds of people homeless. In contrast, in the same district, a tribal belt suffering from lack of water, have returned to traditional methods of cultivation where less water is required. The film focuses on two contrasting issues: people suffering from floods and those suffering due to lack of water.