Stories of Change


In Eye of the Forest: Conserving Biodiversity, Building Sustainable Futures

Recognizing the close communion between communities and natural resources, UNDP is supporting several initiatives in Chhattisgarh to help communities conserve traditional knowledge, build awareness on conservation-friendly gathering practices and help people, particularly women access the marke more


The Biodiversity Challenge - Supporting India’s Ecosystems

Recognising India’s rich biodiversity, the United Nations Development Programme is supporting several initiatives to conserve the country’s rich and diverse ecosystems and demonstrate strategies to reduce poverty. Rapid economic growth and limitations in integrating environmental concerns into deve more


Clean, Green and Bright

Kabbigere Gram Panchayat sells power generated by its self-run biomass power plants at a rate of Rs.2.85 per kWh (USD0.06) to the Bangalore Electricity Supply Company. In the remote Kabbigere village in the Southern Indian state of Karnataka, greenery is conspicuous. What is not so visible in this s more


Renewable Energy for Rural Livelihoods

On the edge of Rajasthan where shifting sand dunes mark the border with Pakistan, four villages have had their dark nights lit up by incandescent bulbs. Lighting up Women’s FutureIn a small corner of the western Indian state of Rajasthan women trained as solar engineers are helping light up houses more


Conservation of Medicinal Plants

India has a rich resource base of medicinal plants, plush with about 8,000 different species. According to the Government of India (GoI), traditional medicines are the sole means of health care for about 65 percent of the population. This is the basis of the UNDP India and GoI initiative on ‘Conserv more


Going Green

Renewable energy such as biogas and solar energy have changed the lives of villagers in Jharkhand. With solar panels and biogas plants set up as part of UNDP’s Renewable Energy for Rural Livelihoods project, villages not only have access to much-needed electricity, but also to more employment opport more

Joint evaluation of the international response to the Indian Ocean tsunami

The report, an outcome of the international collaborative process involving the UN, donor govts and NGOs, evaluates key relief and recovery efforts and analyses how tsunami response has proceeded so far in mitigating future disasters.

Technological Cooperation and Climate Change

The publication comprises working papers presented at a consultation on 'Technology Cooperation for Addressing Climate Change' organised jointly by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India and the United Nations Development Programme.

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