What are Our Results?

UNDP India supports more than 15 central ministries and seven of the poorest states of India during this current country programme cycle. Over the years, UNDP has ensured that the human development approach has become embedded in policy and planning processes of the Government of India, both at the central and state levels. Today, India has produced the largest number of Human Development Reports (HDRs) in the world. Twenty-one states have released HDRs and 80 districts are preparing district-level HDRs. Several have received international recognition in their efforts to understand human development linked deprivations within states.

Through UNDP’s democratic governance programme, UNDP has helped enhance governance of nation-wide schemes such as the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act aimed at greater transparency and removing implementation bottlenecks. To improve skills and livelihood options for the rural poor, UNDP has developed models for state-level livelihood missions, which have now been adopted by states and the central government. UNDP’s disaster risk reduction programme in partnership with the Ministry of Home Affairs is the largest of its kind in the world, which has empowered 300 million people to deal with disaster risk. Models of large-scale behavioural change and awareness building initiatives to tackle vulnerabilities and manage risk have now been institutionalized across the country. The HIV and development programme has enabled the government at state and central levels to amend 34 social protection schemes across the country to be better suited to respond to the needs arising from the HIV epidemic.

UNDP’s energy and environment portfolio has demonstrated successful prototypes to achieve greater energy efficiency in key sectors in partnership with the private sector which are now been upscaled by the government. Along with the Ministry of Environment and Forests, UNDP has developed a framework for State-level Climate Change Action Plans which is being adopted by states to ensure a holistic and multi-sectoral response to climate change issues.

Annual Reports

  • UNDP in India: Results from 2011

    The UNDP India Annual Report for 2011 highlights results of UNDP’s partnership with the Government of India and other stakeholders across our five programme areas-poverty reduction and livelihoods, democratic, decentralized governance, environment and energy, disaster risk reduction, and HIV and development.more

  • UNDP in India: Results from 2010

    The UNDP India Annual Report for 2010 highlights results of UNDP’s partnership with the Government of India and other stakeholders across our five programme areas-poverty reduction, democratic governance, energy and environment, crisis prevention and recovery, and HIV and development.more