UNDP INDIA – Code of Conduct




We are committed to working with national partners to realize a vision of development for India that is sustainable, inclusive, equitable and just. A vision in which vulnerable and excluded women, children, adolescents and men are empowered as active agents of change and benefit to a fair extent from the processes of growth and have greater access to economic, political and social assets and services.


We focus our work in those states where human development needs and deprivations are greatest, where inequality and exclusion persist and where social unrest and exclusion arising from civil strife exists. We provide evidence-based policy options that build on best practices globally and demonstrate innovative cross-sectoral responses and models with the potential to build lasting solutions at scale. Ultimately, the value added by UNDP and the UN system is in designing and sharing solutions within and between countries that will have a transformational impact on the ability of people to lead healthy, productive and dignified lives.

Core Values

In all that we do, we seek to advocate and promote the values of:

Human rights and social justice

  • Gender-based equity and equality
  • Low carbon, climate resilient, sustainable development
  • Professionalism and technical excellence

Code of Conduct

Each one of us who works in UNDP India is making significant contributions everyday towards empowering women, men and children to overcome deprivation and exclusion.

At the All Staff Retreat at Tarudhan Valley in September 2011, we endorsed UNDP’s agenda for change and will at the country level move from great to greater by adopting the following actions and code of conduct.

We will truly value each and every colleague for their individual contributions to our team goals and to the overall goals of UNDP India. Whenever possible, we will make an effort to convey our genuine appreciation for individual contributions, however small or big.

Each one of us will be prepared and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that UNDP always measures up to the highest standards of quality services to our beneficiaries, that UNDP is always truly valued for contributing to just and sustainable human development in India.

We will go the extra mile whenever possible. We will undertake even the smallest task with the full awareness that every little action we take in our office should ultimately make positive changes in the lives of women, men and children.

Each one of us will display leadership in ensuring that all processes are efficiently, transparently and accountably carried out while reducing procedural burden on staff.

Each one of us in leadership positions at all levels will undertake to lead by example, to actively encourage trustworthiness, professionalism and mutual respect, and foster interpersonal transactions based on fairness and empathy.

We embrace diversity. We practice zero tolerance for harassment of any kind.

We know that to be more productive at work we need to find time for relaxation. We will make every effort possible to implement the work-life balance policy of UNDP India, in letter and spirit.

As individuals committed to a better world, we will make active learning a key input into our work at UNDP, by interacting with and imbibing from the external world.

We treat problems as possibilities; as opportunities. We use problems to find more innovative solutions, to better ourselves at problem solving, to develop new partnerships, to learn to do things differently and even unlearn some ways of working.

We are individually and collectively committed to making our organization develop from great to greater.

Like the resilient and ever expanding Banyan Tree, with its rich foliage, interconnected roots and branches, we will continue to reach out and explore new partnerships for growth and development while deepening our commitment to the people of India.