• First National UNV Volunteer Workshop focuses on the MDGs

    UNV India organized a national UNV volunteer workshop from 27 to 28 August in Manesar, Hariyana. The workshop was the first of its kind in India for the more than 75 national UNV volunteers currently working in the country. The theme of the discussion focussed on the eight UN Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) in the run up to this year’s UNV’s International Volunteer Day on 5 December themed “Volunteering for the MDGs”.

Volunteering in India: Contexts, Perspectives and Discourses

The publication presents the viewpoints and experiences of eminent people and volunteers from different disciplines on the ethos, tradition and diversity of volunteering in the Indian context. It reflects on the challenges and opportunities to volunteering such as changing social structures and new complexities in the social structure; increasing individualization; increasing episodic volunteering; motivations to volunteering, especially amongst youth; and opportunities to volunteering due to conflicts in different parts of the society and growing inequalities.

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