Poverty Reduction

  • India: Urban Poverty Report 2009

    The report analyses the impact of globalization, development strategies, urbanization trends, migration, changing economic structures, and the pattern of infrastructure investment - on the urban poor.

  • Innovative Approaches in Creating Livelihoods

    A report on cost-effective innovative interventions undertaken by state governments and non-government agencies across the country to build sustainable livelihoods.

  • Innovative Financing for Development: A New Model for Development Finance?

    This discussion paper explores recent experiences with innovative sources of development finance in order to capture lessons learned for the more effective implementation of both current and future initiatives.

  • Knowledge Products of Microfinance: A Synthesis of Consolidated Replies

    A collection of papers that synthesize discussions emerging from the Microfinance Community of Solution Exchange that brings together people working in financial services to meet basic needs, enhance investment in income generating and asset building activities to address risks of the poor.

  • Land Rights and Ownership in Orissa

    The study highlights the situation of land rights and ownership in the state of Orissa, with a special focus on the landless, women and people from the Scheduled Tribes. It also provides recommendations to improve access of the poor to land and ways of arresting processes that promote land alienation.


UNDP fosters partnerships to enable deprived households to improve skills. This helps people to diversify non-farm activities and increase access to credit, financial services and markets. We also support initiatives that help the poor develop livelihood plans in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, land resource development, rural tourism and handicrafts. Efforts also aim at addressing the challenge of financial inclusion through a range of financial products and services that reduce the vulnerability of the poor.