Poverty Reduction

  • Enclosing Forests Towards Protection of Habitat

    The study analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the approach of enclosing forests which aims at protecting and regenerating forests and securing long-term access and benefits for local communities in Rajasthan.

  • Financial Inclusion and Livelihood Promotion of Rickshaw Pullers in India

    The research study highlights the financial inclusion needs of cycle rickshaw pullers in India. These include access to service sectors; improvement of asset base; employment of their women; increase in income through income-generating activities, etc.

  • Financial Inclusion of Excluded Segments - Learning from Experience Delivery of Financial Services to People with Disabilities

    The case study focuses on the unique initiative in India undertaken by the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion International in partnership with v-shesh Learning Services Pvt. Ltd. and three Micro Finance Institutions (MFI) of India (Annapurna Microfinance Private Ltd., Evangelical Social Action Forum and Equitas Micro Finance Pvt. Ltd.) on financial inclusion of People with Disabilities (PwD). It provides valuable lessons to the microfinance industry on understanding the needs and aspirations of PwD and how a few conscious methodology changes by MFIs can go a long way in assisting the financial inclusion of PwD.

  • Financial Literacy as a Tool for Financial inclusion and Client Protection

    This is a unique publication as the report is prepared by incorporating the outputs of three UNDP supported research study reports – Assessment Study of design and delivery of Financial Literacy among poor across 7 UN Focus States; Facilitating ICT enabled Financial Inclusion in India”; and Literacy among poor across 7 UN Focus States; Facilitating ICT enabled Financial Inclusion in India”; and “State Level Financial Literacy Strategies Summary Report for 7 States. The report also draws a lot from the outputs of two e-discussions in Microfinance Community-Solution Exchange of UNDP on – “Enhancing Outreach of Microfinance and Use of Information Kiosks”; and Information and Guidance Centres for Rural Poor including particularly vulnerable tribal groups”.

  • Financing for Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs)

    The policy paper examines the financing for Farmer Producer Organisations and offers recommendations to initiate discussion by the policymakers, financiers and practitioners to design appropriate policies, financial products, and governance and management practices.


UNDP fosters partnerships to enable deprived households to improve skills. This helps people to diversify non-farm activities and increase access to credit, financial services and markets. We also support initiatives that help the poor develop livelihood plans in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, land resource development, rural tourism and handicrafts. Efforts also aim at addressing the challenge of financial inclusion through a range of financial products and services that reduce the vulnerability of the poor.