Poverty Reduction

  • Consolidated Replies on State of the Sector Report 2012 for Microfinance

    This document incorporates outputs of two discussions conducted on State of the Sector Report 2012. The summaries of the two discussions on SOS 2012 also find place in the State of the Sector Report 2012 released in the Microfinance India Summit 2012. The output of the first discussion provides inputs of the members on the structure of SOS 2012 and microfinance products. The outputs of the second discussions are focused on social and Financial Performance Management, Policy and Regulatory Environment of MF and innovative experiments for fast tracking financial inclusion.

  • Consultation on Conceptualizing Inclusive Growth

    The report summarizes the two-day international workshop on ‘Conceptualizing Inclusive Growth’ aimed at arriving at a conceptual understanding of inclusive growth and the key determinants of an inclusive growth framework that can guide countries, development agencies and communities in the coming years.

  • Empowered People; Resilient Nation

    The report highlights the emerging landscape in India and key development challenges that face the country. In doing so it aims to identify key areas that can contribute to transformational change that empower people and build an inclusive, climate-resilient, sustainable development paradigm for 2013-17 and beyond.

  • Empowering Women in Agriculture: Closing the Gender Gap through Mahila Kisan Sashaktikaran Pariyojana

    The policy paper reviews select case studies of Mahila Kisan Sashaktikaran Pariyojana, a sub component of the National Rural Livelihood Mission. The paper provides key learnings to the practitioners engaged in supporting the struggle for livelihoods with dignity, for millions of women farmers in rural India.

  • Empowering lives through Mahatma Gandhi NREGA

    Since the inception of MGNREGA in 2005, UNDP has supported the Government of India (GoI) to enable a transparent, accountable and efficient implementation of the Act through ICT innovations, monitoring and research, awareness generation and capacity development. This publication seeks to document the unique partnership between Governmentand UNDP.


UNDP fosters partnerships to enable deprived households to improve skills. This helps people to diversify non-farm activities and increase access to credit, financial services and markets. We also support initiatives that help the poor develop livelihood plans in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, land resource development, rural tourism and handicrafts. Efforts also aim at addressing the challenge of financial inclusion through a range of financial products and services that reduce the vulnerability of the poor.