Millenium Development Goals

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    The Indian economy continued to make a strong recovery in 2010, almost returning to pre economic crisis levels, achieving an estimated real GDP growth rate of 8.9% in the first half of the fiscal year 2010-2011. Inflation, however, has been a matter of concern and remained in double digits for the most part of the year. The effects of the financial crisis have been weathered by India through cautious banking policies, low dependence on exports and large domestic demand.

Millenium Development Goals

UNDP works with the Planning Commission, Government of India, state governments and civil society networks to help India achieve the MDGs. As the Indian government embarks on formulating the 12th Five-Year Plan aimed at achieving faster, sustainable and inclusive growth, UNDP India has shared the MDG Acceleration Framework (MAF) which was ratified as a potential framework for prioritizing action towards achieving the MDGs.