Disaster Risk Reduction

  • Disaster Risk Management And The Role Of Corporate Sector - The India Perspective

    At the global level, nearly 700 major catastrophes take place every year affecting billions in different countries. The disasters periodically visit the same geographical regions and set the development clock back by decades. It is similar to taking two steps forward and one step backwards. In some countries, this equation even gets reversed. The repeated occurrence of natural catastrophes undermines the economic viability of the communities as well as the corporate sector – further impoverishing the impoverished and sapping the very soul.

  • Download Guidelines for Hospital Emergency Preparedness Planning

    The programme aims to contribute to the social and economic development goals of the national and state governments, enabling them to minimize losses to development gains and to reduce their vulnerability to natural disasters. Urban Earthquake Vulnerability Reduction Project (UEVRP), a sub-component of the drm programme, essentially aims at strengthening capacities of communities, urban local bodies and administration in mitigation, preparedness and response in 38 cities in india.

  • From relief to Recovery: The GUJARAT Experience

    This report sets out to promote transition recovery as a tool for sustainable development by defining the UNDP concept of transition from relief to recovery as pioneered in Gujarat, and by describing its practical applications in the areas of shelter, livelihoods and local governance. It also examines the coordinating role of UNDP among various stakeholders and offers lessons learned and recommendations. The concept of transition is premised on the belief that whatever the type and scale of disaster, the period of transition from relief to recovery is most critical.

  • GOI-UNDP Disaster Risk Reduction Programme - Newsletter April, 2012

    The newsletter highlights various initiatives in disaster risk reduction undertaken by the programme states as part of the GoI-UNDP Disaster Risk Reduction Programme.

  • GOI-UNDP Disaster Risk Reduction Programme - Newsletter August, 2011

    The newsletter highlights various initiatives undertaken by the states in disaster management planning under the GoI-UNDP Disaster Risk Reduction Programme in the month of August, 2011.


UNDP's Disaster Risk Reduction Programme supports the vision of India’s 11th Five-Year Plan to work towards ensuring that the "most vulnerable, including women and girls and government at all levels have enhanced abilities to prepare, respond, adapt to and recover from sudden and slow-on-set disasters and environmental changes."