Inclusive Growth

  • Promoting Inclusive Growth and DevelopmentNov 2, 2013
    Although Ghana is currently said to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world, the country’s remarkable growth story has not been equally spread as the growth process has been characterized by low employment generation, declining agricultural output as well as widening income disparities. The three northern savannah regions, rural dwellers and food crop farmers have especially been marginalized from the fruits of economic prosperity.

  • National Development Policy and Economic ManagementNov 12, 2013
    In line with poverty reduction and the attainment of middle income status of Ghana, the need to develop strong and dynamic state institutions through capacity development of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) for development planning, monitoring and evaluations of programs by using reliable statistics again to the fore.

  • Empowering Rural Women and Alleviating Poverty by Strengthening the Local Shea Butter IndustryNov 2, 2013
    This project aims at empowering rural women in Northern Ghana and alleviating their acute poverty by reinforcing the feasibility of local shea butter industry as a sustainable business.


UNDP promotes social, economic and political inclusion of the most disadvantaged, particularly women and girls. We partner with the Government of Ghana to strengthen systems, institutions and mechanisms that enable local elected representatives, officials and communities to perform their functions effectively.