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Rebuilding Lives in Crisis Areas

Nana Shonia is a dentist in a small village at the administrative boundary line with Abkhazia. Nana is the only dentist in the area and her patients come from both sides of the conflict divide. Outdated equipment and expensive medicines made her business increasingly difficult. With assistance from more


Vocational Education Equips Youth for Careers

Last year, 19-year old Nino Narmania learnt that she needed computer skills to do her favourite job—sewing and making clothes. Intrigued and excited by the project, she enrolled in a college-level professional tailoring programme in Poti, a provincial town in western Georgia. Together with 50 other more


Mobile Technology for Safe Communities

anketa#a#non00b#wed1c#7d#pol24ngo2 – sent from the village of Ditsi in the Shida Kartli region of Georgia, this mysterious SMS means that no security incidents have happened in the last week, there was one crossing of the administrative boundary with South Ossetia for celebrating a wedding, the commmore