Skills for Employment and Income Generation


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Vocational training in carpentry. Zugdidi, Georgia. May 2011. Photo: David Khizanishvili/UNDP

This initiative is part of UNDP’s long-term support to the development of professional education and vocational training in Georgia. It contributes to increasing the quality of vocational training and focuses on improving employment prospects of the economically vulnerable.  

What We Do

Working closely with the professional colleges in Kakheti, Imereti and Samtskhe-Javakheti regions of Georgia, we aim to improve the quality of vocational training and provide better access to the modern education technologies and training practices. 

We also help professional colleges to become local hubs of economic activities and establish effective and mutually beneficial relations with businesses, academic circles, experts in different areas and vocational workers.

Expected Results

  • Strong linkage of professional education with the demands of local labour markets.
  • Increased public awareness about vocational training and other services of professional colleges. 
  • Enhanced sustainability of vocational colleges through positioning them as the hubs of local economic activities, facilitators of employment and partners to local businesses.

Who finances it?

UNDP US$ 430,000


2013 US$  18,173.42
2012 US$ 351,732.9
2011 US$  80,000
Start date:
January 2012
End date:
December 2014
Geographic coverage:
Imereti, Kakheti, Samtskhe-Javaketi
Vocational Education and Training Centres in Kutaisi, Kachreti and Akhaltsikhe
Project Document
  • Skills for Employment and Income Generation English
Millennium Development Goal
Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
Contact Information

Revaz Sakvarelidze

Project Manager

8/18 Shrosha Street

Tbilisi 0179 Georgia

Contact Person in UNDP

George Nanobashvili

Economic Development Team Leader