Developing the Livelihoods of Vulnerable Communities in Shida Kartli


More than 200 farming households in the Kaspi municipality receive saplings of tomatoes, eggplants and peppers for their gardens. Photo: Vladimer Valishvili/UNDP. 2014

UNDP works together with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the European Union to improve well being of the vulnerable, including displaced and their host communities in Shida Kartli region, Georgia.

This ongoing initiative supports local residents via promoting sustainable agricultural practices and infrastructural projects in the villages adjacent to the Administrative Boundary Line: Karapila, Saribari, Zadiaantkari, Sakorintlo, Tvaurebi, Metekhi IDP settlement, Dvani. Over 2,000 people are already benefitting from this joint assistance.

What We Do

We assist small farmers to establish agriculture cooperatives, to explore and link with the new product markets. Local residents receive vocational training and are provided with the equipment essential to manage their land plots. The new phase of the initiative also includes infrastructural projects such as rehabilitation of the public sites and water supply systems.

Some results so far

  • More than 120,000 seedlings to 200 family farms
  • 10 demonstration plots are to be set in the selected villages
  • Vocational training in beekeeping and start-up assistance for 20 families
  • Assistance in establishing agriculture cooperatives and in exploring market channels
  • Rehabilitation of a kindergarten in Dvani
  • Drinking water well and water supply system in three villages
  • Rehabilitation of the water supply system in Sakorintlo and Dvanito benefit over 400 local residents

Who finances it

Total Budget USD $ 400 000
EU/UNHCR USD $ 360 000
UNDP USD $   40 000
Start date:
January 2014
End date:
July 2015
Geographic coverage:
Shida Kartli
Millennium Development Goal
Developing the Livelihoods of Vulnerable Communities in Shida Kartli
Contact Information

Mamuka Matiashvili

Project Manager

UN House, 9 Eristavi Street

Tbilisi 0179 Georgia

Contact Person in UNDP

George Nanobashvili

Economic Development Team Leader