Sustainable Livelihoods and Responsible Attitude to Environment


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Forest Restoration kicked off in 2013 in Tsaghveri and Daba. Photo: Vladimer Valishvili/UNDP Georgia

The areas of Akhaldaba and Tsaghveri of the Borjomi municipality in Georgia were heavily damaged by forest fires during the 2008 armed conflict. UNDP assistance focuses on promoting sustainable livelihoods, responsible attitude to environment, disaster risk reduction and restoration of burnt forest.

What We Do

UNDP’s complex assistance includes:

  • Income generation activities, particularly those related to safe environment
  • Piloting alternative energy systems and energy efficiency measures to the selected local families, schools and municipality buildings
  • Restoration of forest burnt by forest fires in armed conflict with Russia in 2008
  • Informal environmental education through eco clubs, eco camps and green schools in line with the Government’s strategy: ‘Environmental Education for Sustainable Development’
  • Community mobilization and training to ensure sound management of the natural resources

Some results so far

  • Restoration of forest destroyed in the 2008 armed conflict launched at 16 ha of land in Tsaghveri and Daba
  • Youth eco clubs were established in the schools of Borjomi, Tsaghveri, Daba and Akhalkalaki; up to 150 children enrolled in the Environmental education programme  at those eco-clubs; Overall, more than 300 children participated in planting, cleaning, young rangers programme, eco-camps and other;
  • Public awareness campaigns for youth implemented in summer and autumn 2013 in cooperation with the local schools and the Ministry of Environemnt and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia
  • Forty two children participated in youth conference ‘Human Influence on Environment’, 27 of them presented their research papers on waste management, recycling, water safety, bio diversity and other green topics.
  • Tsagveri School heating system was rehabilitated, energy efficiency measures were taken;
  • Teachers' Guidebook on Environmental Education at Schools prepared and published
  • More than 100 farmers received training, consultation and demonstration in the extension centre. Veterinary and Tourism Centers were created.
  • More than 50 demonstration projects were conducted in organic farming, veterinary, tourism, energy efficiency and eco-sanitation, which lead to the increase of participant farmers’ income up-to 20-30 %.

Who finances it

Government of Finland Euro 1,179,677 (US$ 1,505,593)


2013 US$ 427,422.12
2012 US$ 184,755.00
Start date:
April 2012
End date:
March 2015
Geographic coverage:
Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia
Millennium Development Goal
Ensure Environmental Sustainability
Project Document
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Contact Information

Asmat Lali Meskhi

Project Coordinator

15 Paliashvili Street

Tbilisi 0179 Georgia

Contact person in UNDP

Nino Antadze

Environment and Energy Team Leader