Assessment of Economic and Social Vulnerability in Georgia


UNDP Georgia displaced
A displaced family in Shida Kartli. October 2009. Photo: Antonio di Vico/UNDP

The objective of the project is to provide a comprehensive baseline analysis of economic and social vulnerability in Georgia with specific emphasis on three groups: internally displaced persons, persons with disabilities and high mountainous population. The study is designed to identify key barriers to Georgia’s human development, outline major policy challenges and provide directions for policy interventions.

What We Do

Three major components of the assessments ensure a comrehensive picture of most prevalent vulnerabilities in Georgia:

  • A nationally representative survey with boosters of the three target groups - the displaced, persons with disabilities and high mountainous population.
  • Qualitative data collection through in-depth interviews and focus groups before and after the survey implementation, as well as secondary data collection on key socio-economic indicators at local level (sampling units).
  • Analysis of the social vulnerability pattern.


The assessment of Economic and Social Vulnerability in Georgia was launched in March 2013.

The research examines the sources of most prevalent vulnerabilities in Georgia and compares the status of disadvantaged groups with the average situation in the country. It reveals that over 70% of Georgians are vulnerable in one or another way, and calls for diverse policy measures to respond to their needs.

The research sample exceeds 4000 households across Georgia while the disadvantaged groups include the economically vulnerable, persons with disabilities, the displaced, and people living high up in the mountains.

The report results from the insights from a wide range of national and international experts, individuals and organizations. Statistical information is provided by the National Statistics Office of Georgia - GEOSTAT.

Who finances it

UNDP US$ 200,000


2012 US$ 85,520.15
2011 US$ 67,020
Start date:
February 2011
End date:
December 2012
Geographic coverage:
National Statistics Office of Georgia
Millennium Development Goal
Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
Project Document
  • Assessment of Social Vulnerability in Georgia English
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Democratic Governance Team Leader

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