Indonesia Palm Oil


Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of palm oil - a staple agricultural commodity found in about half of all packaged products sold in supermarkets. The country produces more than 30 million tons of palm oil per year generating 4.5% of its GDP and giving employment to 3 million people. With steady double-digit growth rates, the sector has become vital to the country´s economy. But unsustainable palm oil production is also contributing to rapid tropical forest destruction and climate change.

Key to sector sustainability are: boosting farmers’ competitiveness by exposing them to good agriculture practices. Also, addressing gaps in policies. As well as innovative approaches to financing and a new way of partnering between government at national, provincial and district levels, non-government actors and business.

Since 2012, the Green Commodities Programme has supported the national Government to set-up the Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil Platform (FoKSBI), which was officially launched in 2014.Since then, and following the development of the draft National Action Plan, leadership and coordination have been strengthened. GCP is working closely with the Ministry of Argiculture and Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs to transition the draft plan into collective multi-stakeholder action with committed leadership from the government.



In-Country Team

Tri Widjayanti, Indonesia Palm Oil Platform Coordinator:

Adinda Silitonga, Communications Officer:


The Latest


More than 70 professionals from 11 countries working across 7 commodities met in Indonesia last month as part of the Green Commodities Community. Set-up by GCP in 2014, this Community - including representatives from government, the private sector and civil society - comes together face-to-face annually to share their growing knowledge and experience on addressing the sustainability challenges of palm oil, cocoa, coffee, pineapple, fisheries, soy and beef.

Posted on November 13, 2017


Over the next eight weeks, the Indonesian palm oil platform, known as the Forum Kelapa Sawit Berkelanjutan Indonesia (FoKSBI), is inviting the national and international public to comment on the latest version of the National Action Plan for Sustainable Palm Oil.

Posted on July 20, 2017

UNDP-GCP-weighting palm oil - 2016

In an effort to better define a nationally accepted definition of 'high conservation value areas' and to streamline nationally accepted regulations related to HCVs, the Indonesia Palm Oil Platform - FoKSBI - has been facilitating a series of technical discussions between key government departments.

Posted on May 2, 2016

UNDP-GCP-Inpop Mapping smallholders-2016

On April 5, 2016, the Indonesia Palm Oil Platform - FoKSBI - hosted and coordinated a discussion and a series of presentations focused on smallholder mapping and data base development. The purpose of the meeting, which was held at the Ministry of Agriculture, was to exchange information on smallholder mapping and database development efforts with government representatives and NGOs.

Posted on April 5, 2016