Costa Rica Pineapples

Costa Rica is amongst the world´s biggest exporters of pineapples. Particularly in the northern and Atlantic regions of the country, thousands of smallholder farmers earn their livelihoods farming this crop. The rapid expansion of this sector had important negative environmental and social impacts that called on the government to take bold actions to transform the sector and achieve healthy and sustainably produced pineapples.

Led by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment and facilitated by the Green Commodities Programme, the National Platform for the Responsible Production and Trade of Pineapple in Costa Rica was launched in 2011. The platform brought together more than 900 technical staff and representatives from over 50 organizations to participate in a multi-stakeholder and inter-institutional dialogue to improve social and environmental practices of the sector.

The pineapple industry in Costa Rica accounts for 35% of the world´s production contributing with US$ 800 million to its national economy.

A Game Changing Response

As a result, a pioneering Action Plan for Strengthening Responsible Production and Trade of Pineapple Sector is now official and underway. A high-level monitoring committee made-up of government, civil society and business representatives has been set up to oversee its implementation.

With 12 lines of action, this ambitious plan tackles the root causes of issues such as dangerous chemicals seeping into waterways, labour rights and other social and environmental challenges preventing the pineapple sector from being sustainable. Boosting support to farmers through training and financial incentives is also a key aspect of this Action Plan.

Costa Rica is inviting people around the world to track progress being made on sustainable pineapple production. Visit the online tool.

In-Country Team

Kifah Sasa, Senior National Commodity Platform Advisor:

Jairo Serna, Pineapple Platform Coordinator:

Sandra Andraka, Fisheries Platform Coordinator:


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