Our Focus

With a rising population, rapid economic growth and changes in our diets, the amount of food we need has reached a record peak. This is taking a toll on our planet and on poor smallholder farmers in developing countries who produce most of the world's agro-commodity crops. Rethinking the way our world produces and distributes food is central to addressing rural poverty as well as slowing deforestation and climate change. While governments and other stakeholders are making important investments in this area, they are increasingly aware that no single group can meet this complex challenge alone

The UNDP Green Commodities Programme was launched in 2009. Today we work in eleven countries to help address the sustainability problems of vital commodities such as palm oil, cocoa, coffee, pineapple, fisheries, soy and beef.

Approximately 500 million smallholders produce 80 per cent of the world's food, including key commodities such as coffee, cocoa, palm oil, beef and soy. more

Our main areas of intervention focus on:

- Support to better sector coordination through  Multi-Stakeholder Dialouge

- Support to policy and legislative reforms, plus stronger enforcement. 

- Support to improved national and sub-national farmer support systems. This involves piloting innovations with the private sector, so that workable solutions can gain traction at a scale that makes a difference.

- Support to improved economic incentives for sustainable production so that more farmers can access the finance needed to adopt sustainable practices.

Through our approach and increasingly powerful partnerships, we are aiming to improve the lives of eight million farmers, impacting 20 million hectares of productive land by 2020.

Our global team is made up of experts who ensure coordination among all stakeholders. They contribute to global knowledge and policy advice on commodities. They also provide technical support and quality control to activities carried out in all countries. 

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