National Commodity Platforms

Sustainable commodities can only be achieved if developing countries align their stakeholders behind a shared vision for the future of their commodity sectors, and engage and commit all actors in efforts to generate change.

As a neutral broker, the UNDP Green Commodities Programme helps forge such shared visions and facilitates a constructive dialogue between all partners. We do this by helping to build and facilitate National Commodity Platforms.

Bringing Together Stakeholders To Transform Entire Sectors

Platforms are driven by the need for coordinated action by all commodity stakeholders around a common agenda. They bring together government officials, farmers, civil society groups and companies in a safe space to tackle the root causes limiting the sustainability of a particular sector by jointly devising:

  • Clear public policies and legal frameworks
  • Plans around land-use planning
  • Effective ways of enforcing laws
  • Finance and support that allows farmers to improve their production techniques.

All platforms we have helped set up are led and owned by government, driven by participants and enabled by UNDP through its country offices and its global Green Commodities Programme. A steering committee for the platform provides coordination and helps reach decisions by consensus. Committees also steer the drafting of National Action Plans. These important documents articulate all agreed courses of actions and help follow up and monitor implementation.

Platforms are currently fully operational in:

Work is underway to set up platforms in Peru for coffee. Meanwhile, stakeholders are coming together in the Philippines and Ecuador to set-up fisheries platforms and in Honduras for beef.

We also train UNDP and government officials to help them lead and facilitate these platforms more effectively. The curriculum includes:

  • Communication
  • Private sector engagement
  • Platform governance
  • Root cause analysis
  • Integration with REDD+

Sparking Shifts Towards Sustainable Commodity Sectors

GCP’s Senior Programme Advisor, Lise Melvin, discusses what it takes to create national level conversations aimed at shifting entire commodity sectors towards sustainability.