Indonesia Palm Oil Platform Brochure

20 May 2016

Based on an inclusive and transparent dialogue process, the Indonesia Palm Oil Platform provides a neutral space to create a multistakeholder national action plan for the long-term sustainability of palm oil in Indonesia.


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  • InPOP aims to define and support long-term sustainable change by aligning government policy with the needs of the private sector, the public and the environment.
  • The advantage of a platform such as InPOP is in the multistakeholder dialogue, which strengthens efforts to achieve sustainability by providing the right combination of expertise and analysis to scale-up action in priority areas.
  • Through a series of working group and plenary meetings InPOP will finalise a government led sustainable palm oil national action plan (NAP) in 2016, setting out multistakeholder commitments for its implementation.
  • Key areas of action under consideration for the national action plan on sustainable palm oil concern: increasing smallholder capacities; environment management and monitoring; governance and mediation; ISPO certification and market access

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